“Conscious Cooking” from Daily Om

I recently read a wonderful thought passage from a book called Daily Om – Inspirational Thoughts for a Happy, Healthy, and Fulfilling Day by Madisyn Taylor. This book is filled with hundreds of 1-2 page messages to inspire to thought, reflection, and ultimately you taking better action to be a happier person. I have made it a practice over the last quarter to read 1 passage in the morning and journal any quotes that I find particularly meaningful, as I suggest to you in my previous post “A Good Morning”. I have definitely found myself reading messages that seemed to be meant for me on that day. Click the link above to purchase of Amazon; I strongly recommend purchasing it and soaking up its inspiration.


Anyway, the other day I read a passage entitled “Conscious Cooking”. In summary, the message is that it is important to take time with our food. It is primarily about the preparation of food and how we can truly affect our food with energy as we prepare it. It makes sacred the act of cooking a meal and when we can appreciate that every meal becomes nourishment rather than a means to an end, and every meal becomes a bountiful feast. Not enough people, especially in this country, value food for its own brand of magic. Preparing food is a vital part of daily life. We are meant to spend time with our food as it is at once a necessary part of human life AND one of life’s greatest joys. This message capitalizes on that and it speaks to me loud and clear. Take a read!

Here is the full passage, “Conscious Cooking” from Daily Om – Inspirational Thoughts for a Happy, Healthy, and Fulfilling Day.

“We are what we eat, but more important, we affect what we eat – from the cutting board to the pot to the table. The health-imparting properties of food, also known as the life force, are subtly changed by the way in which we prepare it and the spiritual qualities we project into it.

Thoughts and emotions, both positive and negative, are absorbed by food as it is prepared. Think of the powerful healing properties of what you have cooked for a sick relative or friend. Chicken soup is simply that until it is prepared with the intent to heal. As you cook, your intentions – be they loving, sad, destructive, creative, or joyful – are infused into the food. And food prepared with positive intent provides nourishment not only for the body but also for the soul.

Before you can begin consciously or with intent, it is necessary to remove sources of unpleasantness or distraction. Transform your kitchen into a comfortable, relaxing and nurturing space. Concentrate on positive thoughts each time you enter it, because negativity can affect the taste and nutritional value of the meals you make, It may be helpful to think of food preparation as a type of mediation in which your thoughts are free of the “buzz” of the world and are centered and focused on the task at hand: cutting vegetables, measuring liquids, blending spices, and adding herbs.

Devote the same amount of time and energy to simple tasks as you would to the preparation of a complex recipe, as this honors the process involved in cooking. As you work, concentrate on nourishment and feelings of love. If you like, you may want to speak, chant, or sing a blessing over the ingredients before they are prepared to impart your positive intent. Finally, be present in the cooking process from beginning to end by paying attention to the beauty of your ingredients and the magical way in which they blend to become something new. A Zen saying instructs cooks to ‘see the pot as your own head, and see the water as your life’s blood’. Consciously and lovingly cleansing, peeling, chopping, and stirring ingredients bring you closer to your food and, in consequence, to those to whom you serve it. During preparation – as your soul exists in the moment to give nourishment – your meals will be a source of intense life-force energy and joy to you and others.”

food quote

You know, my mother always taught me to put love into the food we were making when we would cook for friends and family. She said it made the food taste better. And I have found that to be true. When I cook for my loved ones, I use the cooking time as a moving meditation and infuse the food I am making with love, and I truly think it makes a difference.

What do you think of “Conscious Cooking”?

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