Of all my passions in this life, writing is my greatest. I identify as a writer; a writer of articles and columns, of short stories, of screenplays, of songs, of full blown novels. I do not limit my writing to one written medium or genre, I simply write about what I am inspired by in the formats I feel called to. It is my intention to build a career that is based on writing in whatever ways that comes into manifestation.

For Literary Agents –

I have written a complete new adult/upmarket novel, After the Fall, for which I am looking for representation. After the Fall has series potential, and I am currently working on the sophomore addition. Additionally, I am working on a historical-fiction novel, Caledonia: The Truth. I also have the concept for a non-fiction lifestyle book and a completed screenplay, Through the Frame, also ready for representation. Looking for any of the above? Please email me to request synopses and sample pages! I hope to establish a prosperous working relationship with you!

For Publication Editors –

I am available for contributions to your publications. If you are look for collaborative pieces in the realms of lifestyle, wellness, yoga, and food, please reach out with your ideas and I would be thrilled to work with you!