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Yoga is a very important part of my life. Not only is yoga a practice I do for my body, it is one that has influenced and informed my entire life from the way I perceive the world to the way I interact with it. I originally found yoga out of a desire for better physical fitness, but I came back time and again because of the mental and spiritual bliss that I found through the multifaceted nature of the practice. Through yoga, I developed a better relationship with my own self and a lighter, kinder relationship with the larger world. I loved yoga so much that I went through a teacher training program in 2013 and have been teaching yoga ever since, and thus now, yoga is even a big part of my career. I believe that the teaching of yoga is all about sharing your own practice with others. And so, on Johnny La Pasta I will share parts of my practice with you, and together we can spread more yogic light to the world!



E-RYT 200 with 150+ Hours Continued Education + YACEP
Yin Yoga Trained

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