Let It Go

I recently happened across an inspirational quote that truly spoke to me:

“You’ve done your best today, now let it go.”

A simple sentence with a deep and impactful meaning, one that I very much needed to read, and feel many others could benefit from as well.

Like many, I have an extremely busy life: full-time job (the American version, not the French or Swedish version, meaning over 40 hours per week as oppose to under 36 – get on board USA), a second job (teaching yoga), this blog (the writing and the social media management that comes with it), a household to run, an elderly dog to care for, and dedications to my family, friends, and interests. My plate is very full, sometimes to the point where I doubt my ability to manage all of it. In recent months, I have found myself struggling to keep up with all of my commitments and responsibilities, often feeling overwhelmed and drained.

Luckily, I was able to take a two week holiday to the United Kingdom this month. And while it was more of a fast-paced, on-the-go adventure than it was a lounge and relax beach-side vacation, it provided the distance I needed from my normal life to gain perspective, to reset, and to rejuvenate. Taking two weeks to wander and enjoy different countries and cultures without locked down commitments or responsibilities is incredibly refreshing. In reflection on my life back home in America, I was reminded that while I may have many responsibilities, I can do a better job of balancing them.

You see, I often find myself trying to pack every touch point of commitment I have into an orderly list for each day. The feat of accomplishing all of them in order with perfect precision is exhaustive, and sometimes downright undo-able. I can try my best, but I have to accept, embrace, and release when my best doesn’t complete the list.

Now that I’ve had a chance to step away from my normal life and look back at it from afar rather than being in the thick of it, I have realized that while I do have many responsibilities – chores, bills, deadlines, etc. – I do not have to make them into the stressful entities that I have as of late.

Rather than making the lists, seeking perfection in each task’s execution, and treating myself harshly when I fall short, it is acceptable to understand what I have to do each day, try and accomplish what I can in that time and space to the best of my abilities, and conclude each day by accepting what is complete and what is not without harsh judgments and stresses on myself. In other words, each day, I can do my best, remind myself that I did my best, and finally let go of what is or what is not, giving myself space in the evening to rest, rejuvenate, and therefore prepare to get up again the next day and try my best once more. Whatever doesn’t get done can get done the next day or the day after that; the world will keep turning and life will go on.

In essence, I need to adopt the mantra of “You did your best today, now let go,” and recite it at the end of each day, giving myself permission to release and to rest. And I know I am not the only one who will benefit from adopting this impactful mantra. I believe many of us could benefit from giving ourselves permission to release stresses and worries, to recognize ourselves for our efforts, and finally rest, heal and prepare to strive for our bests the next day.

Where in your life can you recognize your efforts and let go? Let’s start practicing now.

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