Recipe Review: Giada De Laurentiis Linguine with Avocado and Arugula Pesto

With summertime going strong, I continue to make light and zesty pasta dishes for my family’s traditional Sunday Supper. There is just something about a bowl of pasta with bright flavors when the sun is shining and the air is warm. It just makes me feel like I am in the Mediterranean. A couple of years ago, I happened across a recipe for another summery pasta dish that was quite unconventional: Linguine with Avocado and Arugula Pesto.

This recipe comes to us via my favorite cook and culinary goddess, Giada De Laurentiis. Even though I find everything Giada does to be pure gold, I was quite skeptical when I first saw this recipe. How can avocado be in pesto and/or pasta? Of course, after I actually watched her make the dish, I could imagine how the flavors may work together, so I gave it a shot.

Nowadays, this is a summer go-to for me. This recipe is insanely easy, inexpensive, and quite nutritious! The avocado provides the oily and creamy texture for this sauce that typically comes from olive oil and pine nuts in a traditional pesto. Arugula adds a nice peppery kick, basil a sweet earthiness, and lime a bright note. Once mixed with parmesan and tossed over hot pasta, this sauce becomes incredibly creamy and packed with summertime flavor. Honestly, this is a true winner. It’s like pesto and guacamole had a baby!

I like to serve this with tequila lime chicken or a lemon-lime roast mahi-mahi (how I served this dish most recently). You can easily half this recipe or double depending on how many people you are feeding. Take a look and then get in the kitchen and try!

Get the recipe here:

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