The Blog

The title is “Johnny La Pasta”, so this is of course, first and foremost, a food blog. Here you will find my recipes, product reviews, restaurant recommendations, and cooking tips and tricks. However, I am also a yogi who has learned a lot about both physical and emotional health and wellness.

And so, this blog will also be also be a health and lifestyle blog. I will write about yoga; yoga sequences and posture break downs, themes that I teach in my yoga classes, and yogic lessons that apply on and off the mat. I will write about lifestyle choices that I have made and am making that I have found beneficial for me, and maybe you will too.

And at times, I may go off on blogging rants about what I think of various aspects of the world and how we as a people can improve our lives.

In short, I will share with you what I have learned and found interesting and helpful: a recipe, a yoga posture, or a message that has touched me and helped me to lead a better life. If it is something along those lines, it’s fair game for this blog!


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