The Blog

“Johnny La Pasta” is one of my passion projects. This blog serves as a place where I can share my thoughts and words on a myriad of subjects. The main purpose of this blog, however, is to share articles and stories that contribute to a healthy and happy lifestyle. There are three main areas I focus on “Johnny La Pasta”: Food, Yoga, and Lifestyle.

Food – I will share original and adapted recipes (and the stories behind them), recipe reviews, restaurant reviews, and food product reviews.

Yoga – I will break down yoga postures, share some of my yoga sequences as an instructor, and pieces that discuss the philosophical elements of yoga.

Lifestyle – I will share my healthy lifestyle tips which can be anything from clean eating recommendations, work out tips, and self-help thought pieces.

At times, I might discuss other topics that I feel called to write about. And I hope that anything you read you find informative and entertaining!


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