Johnny Newnes Park Photoshoot-14CIAO! I’m Johnny la Pasta! No, la Pasta is not my true last name. It was a nickname bestowed upon me by friends to better represent who I am; a man on a mission inspire good eating and passionate living for a happy life. I describe myself as a foodie, yogi, writer, and adventurer and this blog is my space for me to write about and fulfill all of these roles.

FOODIE: Born to an Italian-American mother, I inherited a great love of food and appreciation for its power to inspire joy and bring people together. Under my mother’s guidance, I have been in the kitchen rolling meatballs and boiling pasta since I was eight years old. So my roots are in Italian food and when I am feeding a crowd for a special occasion or a friend for comfort, I return to Italian dishes. However, don’t let my Italian background and title fool you; the fact remains that I am a native of California and that has greatly influenced my cooking. The majority of my food is rooted in Mediterranean and Latin flavors often found in California, and most of my cooking is considered healthy cuisine with an emphasis on vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and nutrient dense natural foods. The food you will find on this blog is a balance between traditional, indulgent Italian dishes and fresh, California tinged creations.

YOGI: I began practicing yoga regularly about six years ago. Originally I came to my mat in search of a different kind of exercise and means of being physical, but I stayed for the immense joy that yoga brought me and the union between mind, body, and spirit that I found. I fell so deeply in love with yoga that in 2013 I went through teacher training and became a certified yoga instructor. I have since pursued additional trainings and now teach yoga regularly. Teaching yoga and continuing to practice yoga as a student, ever learning more, is a true passion of mine. Yoga is a constant in my life and I cannot imagine living without it.

WRITER: Part of the reason I have this blog is because it is a medium for me to do what I love the most: write. My primary passion is in writing. On this blog, I write more or less non-fiction articles that are meant to inform, provoke thought, and of course, entertain. I greatly enjoy writing these types of pieces and a blog is a great place to put them. But my writing does not stop there. Beyond this blog, I am always working on some sort of writing project; a short story, a screenplay, or even a full length novel. My eventual goal is from a professional perspective be able to identify as a writer.

ADVENTURER: Travel is another great love of mine. Ever since I was little when I would watch the Travel Channel or talk to well-traveled individuals, I dreamed about seeing the world. Venturing to a new place and wandering about, tasting, experiencing, and learning as I go is one of my all-time favorite activities. I have traveled a good deal now to some of my top destinations, but it will never be enough. You will see on this blog that I am always jetting off somewhere every few months in search of the next adventure.

I hope you through this blog you find a recipe you enjoy, a lifestyle tip you connect with, and maybe a little something to make you laugh. Ciao!