LGBTQ+ Yoga Pod @ Ra Yoga

I am so excited to announce Ra Yoga’s ‘Yoga Pods’!  A ‘Yoga Pod’ is a semi-private group with the same 6-10 students and the same instructor meeting at a regular time and place every week for 4-6 weeks to embark on an intimate yogic journey together.

Each Yoga Pod will have its own focus and niche.  I am beyond honored to have been asked my Ra to lead a LGBTQ+ Yoga Pod! This pod is a yoga practice group designed specifically for members of the LGBTQ+ community. Over the course of 4 weeks, we will meet regularly to breathe, move, sweat, flow, and meditate together as we explore and celebrate acceptance, sensuality, liberation, and love. This LGBTQ+ Yoga Pod will meet on Mondays @ 6pm at the Ra Yoga Costa Mesa studioWe begin this next Monday, January 11th!

To learn more and sign-up, tap the button below!

I sincerely and truly look forward to gathering with you in all your authentic beauty and light!

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