Johnny’s Weekend Roundup!

Ciao friends! I am back with another weekend roundup, bringing you articles and other online reading material that I found informative and/or entertaining, and thought you might too! Enjoy it in your leisure over the weekend.

So here it goes – Johnny’s Weekend Roundup for the weekend of August 27, 2016!

Recipes –


I made this Super Easy Salsa Verde from at Chef Savvy this week and poured it ALL OVER some grilled chicken. True to her post, the salsa takes 10 minutes to make it and is so so so flavorful. Perfect for a late summer healthy meal. Get the recipe here: 


Our friends at Buzzfeed brought us their own recipe round up titled “Here Are 17 High-Protein Breakfasts That Aren’t Eggs”. Loved all the recipes in the article, but this Vegan Chickpea Omelet from Fork and Beans really intrigued me and I CANNOT wait to make it! Get the recipe here:


Gimme Some Oven brings us this Classic Hummus Recipe which led me to make my own hummus for the first time! So simple, so good, and it yielded soooo much hummus! I will be making a lot more of my own from now on! Get the recipe here: 

Yoga –


Once again, the Yoga Bible of the West, Yoga Journal, gives us another great article to help us spread the power of yoga to everyone. Their article ‘”Not Fit Enough” for Yoga? How to Encourage a Friend to Try It’ helps us to shut down those friends who avoid trying yoga beccause of their preconceived notions that are inaccurate. Read it here: 

Other Topics –


The New York Times published an article on a topic that I feel very, very strongly about: work-life balance. Titled, “In Sweden an Experiment Turns Shorter Workdays into Bigger Gains”, the article details a Swedish social experiment in which workers only work 6-hour days rather than the standard 8-9 hours, allowing them more time for life which has actually boosted work productivity. Such an interesting read. Expect a series on work-life balance from Johnny La Pasta soon! For now, read the article here: 

That’s all my friends! Hope you enjoy your reading and learning! Until next time!

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